Entrepreneur turn Author/Publisher Phyllis Williams-Strawder

Releases 2nd edition

That Damn Girl Stuff: A Mother's Truth



Author Shares Unconventional Sex Talk 

with Young Daughter 


Medford, OR, June 1, 2019 -- Determined to give her daughter knowledge to reduce her risk of ever saying #MeToo, Phyllis Williams-Strawder had and continues to have "Sex Talks" with her daughter, Morgan. In That Damn Girl Stuff: A Mother’s Truth, Strawder goes beyond "birds and bees" too surprisingly revealed truths about herself, including one truth she never told until now.


The candid conversations began when Morgan was an inquisitive nine-year-old. Strawder wanted to make sure her daughter would be comfortable with her budding sexuality. She wanted her to know sex is more than physical. It is a battle of mind, body, and spirit.


Readers quickly see Morgan overwhelmed by the depth of the conversation and desperate to turn back time. However, the humor, sincerity and directness, Strawder shares with Morgan create an unconventional approach, while serving as a guide for parents of young girls.


This second edition finds Phyllis revealing more of her emotional vulnerability. She also includes personal photos and new chapters. 

About The Author

Phyllis Williams-Strawder was the business behind Bigmista’s Barbecue. As a barbecue wife, she appeared on The Great Food Truck Race and Man Fire Food with her husband, Neil. She gave up bbq life and turned homeschooling duties over to her husband in order to write and become a business/life coach. Happily, she moved her smokin’ husband, witty daughter, and dog, from Long Beach, California to Medford, Oregon in the summer of 2018 with no regrets.