Phylis Williams-Strawder

Phyllis Williams-Strawder was the business behind Bigmista’s Barbecue. As a barbecue wife, she appeared on The Great Food Truck Race and Man Fire Food with her husband, Neil.

She gave up bbq life and turned homeschooling duties over to her husband in order to write and become a business/life coach.

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Espresso Mischief Publishing

Words Are Life!

Neil P. Strawder

Neil Strawder (aka Bigmista) is a well-known Pitmaster in the bbq world.. He is also an author, spokesperson, and entrepreneur.

His culinary skills landed him on BuzzFeed, Man Fire Food, The Great Food Truck Race, BBQ Pitmasters, and Ultimate BBQ Showdown.

He is the author of SPICE: The Variety Of Life and The Secret To Her Heart.

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Morgan P. Strawder

Morgan P. Strawder (aka Mogo) is not just an author. She is also an investor and entrepreneur.

She wrote a story at six and with the help of her mother,  turned it into her first co-authored book, Morgan Mischief. She is also the author of little girl BIG JOB and co-author of Far From The Tree.

She is currently studying art in order to illustrate or own books

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John Pye

John Pye (aka John John) is a high school senior on the spectrum. Living his life as a teen who lost his parents, and who battles autism, ADHD, depression, and bullies, does not hinder his positive attitude.

​He's a railfan and accomplished saxophonist who loves to play in front of crowds.

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Cybill Aros-Pearson

Cybill Aros-Pearson (aka C-Bo) is a woman of faith above all else. She is a wife, mother and constant volunteer where needed

She is currently on a mission to raise money  and awareness to battle Solomn's recent diagnosed of SANFILIPPO, a rare disease for which there is no cure.

All this and more keeps her on her toes.

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